With our remeasurement program, we reveal exactly how much progress you have made on important aspects of your health and give you an updated set of missions in your Personal Health Passport, supporting the next steps in your journey with us.


Your remeasurement will concentrate on the health indicators most relevant to you. It will involve a combination of one or more of the following measurements:

  • Health and lifestyle questionnaire
  • Physical measurements
  • Biomarkers
  • Cardiopulmonary fitness testing (on an exercise bike)

Based on your current data and missions in your Personal Health Passport, we have assigned you a specific type of remeasurement. Your remeasurement cannot be modified; you can only do the type we have assigned to you!

Not sure which remeasurement type we have planned for you? You’ll find the details in the e-mail confirming your appointment.

Type A

Questionnaire only for missions such as “Be more mindful”, “Build emotional resilience”, and “Be more active”.  

Time at the health studio: Not needed. You can complete your remeasurement online.

Type B

Remeasurement of physical measurements only.

Time at the health studio: 30 minutes approx.

Type C

Remeasurement of physical measurements and biomarkers only. 

Time at the health studio: 60 minutes approx.

Type D

Remeasurement of physical measurements, biomarkers and cardiopulmonary fitness testing.

Time at the health studio: 120 minutes approx.


The day before

To ensure accurate remeasurements, you need to arrive fasted. The same requirements apply as with your onboarding appointment you had previously.


12 hours before

  • Avoid all food, vitamin supplements and drinks (except water) in the 12 hours before your onboarding start time.

24 hours before

  • Avoid alcohol.

It’s fine to drink water to keep hydrated before your appointment, and you can also continue taking any medication you regularly take.


Your remeasurement will be similar to your previous onboarding session. It is possible that some steps of the onboarding are not repeated (e.g. blood and urine sample or bike test). Breakfast is always served and, as before, shower facilities are available in case you want to freshen up after your session.


Please bring a valid identification document to your appointment so we can identify you. 

Time duration:

  • Remeasurement Type B: 30 minutes
  • Remeasurement Type C: 60 minutes
  • Remeasurement Type D: 120 minutes 

Detailed schedule:

Types B, C, D:

Introductory conversation

  • To give you an overview of the program and clarify any questions you have.

Physical measurements

  • To assess height, body composition, waist/hip circumference, blood pressure and hand grip strength.

Breakfast / wrap up

  • Nutritious breakfast served at the bar (complimentary)

  • Explanation of what happens next and answers to any questions you have.


  • Get changed in the changing room and use the shower facilities (if desired).

With types C and D we also measure the following:

Blood and urine samples

Blood and/or urine samples will be collected, depending on your missions. Our team will know which samples are required. 

  • Urine: the nurse will give you a tube to fill the sample yourself, privately, in the bathroom.

  • Blood: the nurse will draw your sample and safely store the vials for lab analysis.

 With type D we will also do the following:

Cardiopulmonary fitness test

Your test includes:

  • Electrocardiogram screening to confirm you are suitable for the test.
  • Test of your cardiopulmonary fitness using an electric bicycle with increasing resistance. A mask wired with a sensor measures the air you inhale and exhale while on the (professional) exercise bicycle ergometer.
  • Indicators checked include maximum oxygen consumption during exercise, (an)aerobic thresholds, heart and lung performance and your maximum fat burn zone.


Light, comfortable layers you can easily remove

Be sure to wear undergarments you are comfortable in as some of the body measurements need to be done in light clothing/innerwear. Wear layers you can easily remove as extra weight from clothing counts as body fat.

+ sports clothing you are happy to sweat in!

If you are doing the Remeasurement Type D (cardiopulmonary fitness testing) keep in mind that you need to wear sports clothes you are comfortable sweating in.

Women – ideal clothes to wear:

  • Sports top, vest or t-shirt
  • Shorts or leggings
  • Sports bra
  • Gym shorts or cycling shorts
  • Sports shoes
  • Sports socks
  • Layers you can easily remove for the oxygen/fitness test

Men – ideal clothes to wear:

  • T-shirt or sports vest (you can be topless during the fitness test)
  • Cycling shorts or light gym shorts
  • Sports underwear
  • Sports shoes
  • Sports socks
  • Layers you can easily remove for the oxygen/fitness test

Women - avoid wearing:

  • Dresses
  • Business suits
  • Skirts
  • Jeans
  • Work wear
  • Office shoes/heels

Men - avoid wearing:

  • Business suits
  • Work wear
  • Street wear (jeans)
  • Office shoes

Want to freshen up?

We have shower facilities available (including towels and amenities) in our changing room so you can change clothes before or after your appointment.


If you have any other questions before your remeasurement, drop us an e-mail at

Thank you for being part of this journey with Ancora. We look forward to welcoming you at your remeasurement!