Ancora’s acquisition of SportMáx gives it the capability to provide premium sports medical packages at its locations in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

Following the acquisition of SMC SportMáx, Ancora Health B.V. is introducing a new range of sports medical examinations at its health studios in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.The packages are branded under the name of Ancora For Sports, designed to combine the expertise of the two companies in helping people to improve their health and fitness performance.

A perfect partnership

As one of the leading sports medical centers in the Netherlands, SportMáx was originally set up by a group of doctors from Máxima Medical Center in Veldhoven. Ancora, for its part, launched in 2019 and has quickly been recognized for its innovations in helping people take control of their health based on scientific, data-driven insights.Ancora Sports will continue its push to innovate in sports medicine and testing.

This will be led by Dr. Jan van Hoogsteen (Chief Medical Offier) Dr. Bert van Essen (Sports Physician). Bert previously ran the SMC SportMáx center in Eindhoven is on the scientific advisory board of Ancora Health. “The fusion between Ancora and SportMáx brings multiple benefits as we combine the excellent skills of the medical professionals from SportMáx with the analytical abilities of Ancora Health. And we offer these services at our brand new, state-of-the-art Ancora health studios in Amsterdam and Eindhoven,” says Vidya Gannamani, CEO of Ancora Sports.“We are excited to see the new future of SportMáx with Ancora Health, and we are excited to be a part of this new venture” says Dr. van Essen. “We are looking forward to giving our customers an even deeper level of insight into what is driving their health and fitness – now and in the future.”

Ancora Sports packages

Need training advice? A plan for healthy and responsible exercise? Or want to get tested to prepare for a triathlon or endurance sport? Whatever your needs, Ancora Sport’s expert team is here for you.

With each package, we perform health checks such as cardiac screening, oxygen performance (V02 Max) and lung fitness checks (cardiopulmonary screening) to give you the data and insights you need to raise the bar on your health and fitness.




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