6/8 By José Castela Forte

Why we analyze your biomarkers

During your Personal Onboarding with Ancora, we collect samples of your blood and urine so we can analyze your biomarkers. These molecules are incredibly important indicators of your health and form the basis of your Personal Health Passport.

Four reasons why we analyze your biomarkers:

  1. They measure your health objectively

In general terms, biomarkers provide some of the most scientifically objective measurements of your health. And at Ancora, science is at the heart of everything we do.

  1. They give deep insights

Your biomarkers say a lot about your body such as how you process fats and sugar or if you have sufficient minerals and vitamins. Your biomarkers also help us analyze your capacity to transport oxygen and review important hormones that keep your body in balance.

  1. You can ‘modify’ them through your lifestyle

At Ancora, we focus on ‘modifiable’ biomarkers. This means that if you make improvements to your nutrition, activity, lifestyle and wellbeing, you can expect your biomarkers to shift in response. For example, if you were to replace refined carbs with complex carbs you would expect to see improvements in your blood sugar levels over the medium to long term.

  1. You can measure your progress

If you regularly measure your progress with Ancora – ideally twice a year – you will be able to track how your biomarkers are responding to the lifestyle changes you make.

Where will I see the results?

In your Personal Health Passport, you’ll see all your biomarker results concentrated in the My Statistics section. As part of your Insight & Action Session, a sports doctor will spend time to walk you through the data, answer any questions you have, and help you pinpoint the areas you might want to address.

By diving deep into your modifiable biomarkers – together with all of the other things we analyze – we will give you the knowhow to proactively take your health journey into your own hands.