Empowering you to own your health

Ancora helps people take their health to the next level with a groundbreaking range of preventive health and care programs.

Digital programs, personal coaching

We trust in science to give people the tools and guidance they need to manage their health. Our web application helps people understand their individual health data, so they can proactively make improvements to their health and track their progress over time, guided by our expert team.

Employer health

From standardized health screening to personalized programs for employees, we’ll help you build an employer health strategy that fosters workplace vitality at every level.

Care programs

Interested in helping people who have a high risk of chronic conditions? Our innovative care programs promote behavior change and help people prevent and manage conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

Superior long-term health outcomes

From metabolic health to nutrition, from fitness to mental wellbeing, our personalized guidance results in health outcomes, bringing  ‘healthy years’ to people’s lives.

Healthy eating

More whole foods and less processed food

Customers eat healthily around 6 days a week, up from an average of 4 before joining Ancora, while 66% adjusted their intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

Physical activity

Conditioning and strength

Customers engage in physical activities such as cycling or walking around 5 days a week, up from an average of 3 before joining Ancora, with 38% performing more bone- and muscle-strengthening activities.

Stress management

Techniques to reduce stress

47% of customers increased their use of stress reduction techniques (e.g. breathing exercises, yoga, meditation) after joining Ancora.

Reduced cardiovascular risk

LDL cholesterol

Customers with high LDL cholesterol (sometimes called ‘bad’ cholesterol) at the start of program reduced their LDL cholesterol by 6% using lifestyle as medicine.

Weight loss

Improved body composition

Customers who were overweight at the start of program shed an average of 4kg.


Since being founded in Groningen in 2019, we have been awarded and recognized by investors, partners and institutions in the health technology domain.

Top health tech start-up

We’ve been selected for the Techleap.nl Rise Program for top health-tech start-ups in the Netherlands.

Backed by serious investors

We’ve raised funds from the likes of RUG Ventures, the University of Groningen’s private sector investment agency and Máxima MC Eindhoven.

Strong partners in health

Our network of strategic partners includes UMCG, LUMC, the University of Twente, Lifestyle 4 Health, Healthy Ageing Network North Netherlands and more.

Quality customer experience

Our programs rate ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot, according to unbiased customer reviews.

Clinically evaluated methodology

The medical software that powers our programs has the latest CE Class 1 certification.

Privacy and information security

We are ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

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Frequently asked questions

Privacy by design

Privacy by design

We know your personal data is important to you. As we handle sensitive information related to your health, you can trust us to adhere to the highest standards of data protection.

We are committed to using your personal information for these two purposes: giving you personalized and actionable information on your health, as well as improving the science behind your Personal Health Passport. For more details on our data protection standards, please visit the Privacy Policy on our website: www.ancora.health/privacy-policy