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Welcome to Ancora Health

With Ancora, you will learn about what’s going on inside your body and get knowledge and guidance to help you take control of your health.

Together, we will engage in a continuous journey and stand by you in your mission to keep working towards the best version of yourself.


Here’s how Ancora Health works:

Step 1
Get measured

The first thing we do is to start collecting your data. You will pay a visit to our onboarding center for a physical assessment and the collection of urine and blood samples, and we will send you an online self-assessment questionnaire covering your (family’s) medical history, lifestyle, nutrition and wellbeing.

Step 2
Get analyzed

Our extensive analysis will reveal where you stand regarding the key components of your health and quantify how your biomarkers, genes and lifestyle might affect your health over the long-term.

Step 3
Get moving

Based on our analysis, you will then receive a personalized, confidential health profile. It will be full of guidelines on nutrition, activity and lifestyle.


The value of Ancora Health


Forget about guesswork – our powerful analytic engine combines information on your blood, urine, body, genetics and lifestyle to paint a detailed picture of your current health profile and the risk factors that may affect your future health.


We are passionate about making Ancora a personal experience. You will learn about what’s going on inside your body, with guidance to help you take the next important steps with your health.


We drive transparency by quantifying your health based on facts. We explain your individual data in everyday language, together with the knowledge you need to make progress.


Whether you feel like you are in near-peak condition or you know you have room to improve, we will pinpoint actionable recommendations on nutrition, activity and lifestyle.

Next-level health

Our program is useful for everyone: whether you want to take your performance to the next level or simply gain control of your health journey.


Rest assured we will keep your personal information completely confidential. Your data is protected every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will everything be arranged in practical terms?

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Please check your e-mails from us for details on the next steps. You can also find answers to general questions about the product and what to expect on our website (

How can I change my test appointment times?

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For anything related to your onboarding (e.g. changing your appointment time, questions about the logistics), drop us an e-mail at We’ll be happy to give you a helping hand.

How do I prepare for my onboarding?

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To ensure accurate results for your blood and urine samples, please avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before your onboarding session and avoid eating any food/vitamin supplements or drinking any liquids (except water) for the 12 hours prior.

How will I provide my blood sample?

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Your blood sample will be taken by a qualified professional at our onboarding center. This will only take a couple of minutes and is a simple procedure.

How will I provide my urine sample?

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You will receive a test kit when you visit our onboarding center. You will need to fill and seal the sample tube before giving it to the Ancora representative who will be taking your blood sample. Feel free to drink water during the morning of your onboarding session, so that you are well hydrated to provide your urine sample.

Can I exercise before giving my blood/urine sample?

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It’s best to avoid strenuous exercise the day prior to your test but you can do light activity the day before. If you are a first-time weightlifter, you should avoid lifting for at least one week before giving your blood sample.

Can I eat and drink as normal after giving my blood/urine sample?

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Yes! Healthy snacks/drinks will be available at the onboarding location for you to enjoy after the onboarding is completed.

Do I need to stop taking any medications or dietary supplements before the blood draw?

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You should avoid supplements and multivitamins when you are fasting for your blood draw, as they can affect the accuracy of the results. However, you should continue taking any medication that you regularly take.

How do you handle my personal data?

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We know your personal data is important to you. As we handle sensitive information related to your health, you can trust us to adhere to the highest standards of data protection. We are committed to using your personal information for one sole purpose: to give you meaningful information on your health and how to improve it. We will never use your data for any other purposes. Your data will be securely stored on an encrypted platform (AWS cloud). For more details on our data protection standards, please visit our Privacy Policy on our website.

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