There are four appointment types at Ancora Health Studios. These are: 1) Personal Onboarding, 2) Remeasurement, 3) Exercise Testing and 4) BasisPlus. 

The Personal Onboarding and Remeasurement need to take place in a fasted state to allow accurate measurements and reliable comparison of data. Bring sports clothes if your product includes Exercise Testing. Please bring a valid identification document to your appointment so we can identify you.

How to prepare

Fasted state (Personal Onboarding and Remeasurement)

If you are doing an Ancora for Sports product (For Individuals) or General Health Check (For Businesses) you do not need to be in a fasted state. If you are doing Health & Performance Plus/Premium (For Individuals) or Premium Health Program (For Businesses) you need to arrive at the Health Studio in a fasted state.

This means:

  • Avoid all food, vitamin supplements and drinks (except water) in the 12 hours before your appointment
  • Avoid drinking alcohol in the 24 hours before your appointment
  • Continue taking any medication you regularly take
  • It’s fine to drink water to keep hydrated before your appointment

Physical measurements (all appointment types)


Wear light, comfortable clothes on the day: we strongly advise you to wear undergarments you are comfortable in as some of the body measurements ideally need to be done in light clothing/innerwear. (Extra weight from clothing counts as body fat.) 


All of our appointments include:

  • Introductory conversation to give you an overview of the appointment and clarify any questions you may have.
  • Measurement of your body composition and blood pressure using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Other physical measurements such as height, waist circumference, and hip circumference.

Collection of blood, urine, and saliva samples

  • Personal Onboarding: visit to the on-site nurse who will give you a tube for your urine sample (you will fill this yourself, privately, in the bathroom.). The nurse will draw your blood sample, take a saliva swab, and safely store the samples for delivery to the laboratory. 
  • Ancora for Sports (For Individuals) or General Health Check (For Business): we will measure fats, sugar, and hemoglobin with a rapid, painless, finger-prick. 

There are four remeasurement types. These are: Type A – questionnaire only; Type B – physical measurements (height, body composition, waist and hip circumference, blood pressure, and hand grip strength); Type C – physical measurements and biomarkers (blood and/or urine according to your missions); and Type D – physical measurements, biomarkers, and cardiopulmonary fitness testing on exercise bike.  

  • Remeasurement Type C and Remeasurement Type D: we will collect blood and/or urine samples based on the missions in your Personal Health Passport. Our Onboarding team will know which samples are required. 

Exercise Testing (also included in Personal Onboarding and Remeasurement Type D)

Please note that Remeasurement Type B, Remeasurement Type C, and BasisPlus do not include exercise testing.

Wear sports clothes you are comfortable to sweat in during the exercise test. We have shower facilities available in case you want to freshen up afterwards. 

During the exercise test we measure aspects such as your heart function and training zones, blood pressure, and lung function.  

  • If you like, you can bring your own cycling shoes. These do need to be shoes that fit on SPD-ATB or SPD-SL (Shimano) pedals. You can also choose to do the bike test in “normal sports shoes”.

Informed Consent and Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire

All of our Studio appointments require you to provide your informed content and fill out your questionnaire (covering your medical and family history, lifestyle, nutrition, and goals) before you arrive at the Health Studio. Please do this in the Onboarding screen available to you when you click your name in the top right hand corner of your Personal Health Passport.

Time duration:

  • Personal Onboarding: 2 hours
  • Remeasurement Type B: 30 minutes
  • Remeasurement Type C: 60 minutes
  • Remeasurement Type D: 120 minutes 
  • Exercise Testing
    • Standard Performance Test (For Individuals): 60 minutes
    • Premium Performance Test (“USMO”) (For Individuals): 90 minutes
    • Runner’s USMO (For Individuals): 120 minutes
    • General Health Check (For Businesses): 60 minutes
  • BasisPlus: 40 minutes

Facilities at your Ancora Health Studio

  • Personal Onboarding and Remeasurement:  
    • Breakfast
  • Exercise Testing: 
    • Shower